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 It’s a utopian dream to be able to have unobstructed views and property with no fences but unfortunately the reality is that keeping intruders away from your building has become a necessity.

At Northern Fencing Solutions (NFS), we are a leader in security fencing in Sydney and have a wide selection of security fence solutions to meet the needs of varying industries.  This is because we understand that every organisation has different security fencing requirements and as a result, we make it our business to know the various types of security fencing solutions that are needed.

At NFS, we are an authorised distributor for major Australian security fencing manufacturers including Dunn & Farrugia, so you can rely on us to only offer products that meet the highest standards.

Our large product range and deep product knowledge also ensures that we are able to meet the requirements of any type of customer – we have successfully completed numerous residential, commercial, industrial as well as government security fencing projects and continue to reap the rewards of satisfied customer referrals. 

It doesn’t matter if your security fencing in Sydney is for a school, power plant, communications sub-station, factory, warehouse or rural property -- if you need a perimeter security fence, we are here to assist you.

Some of our security fencing products and services include:

•    All tubular steel fencing including Heavy Security, Reverse Crimp and Cranked Security
•    Cyclone chain wire products
•    Palisade high security fencing
•    Rural fencing
•    358 mesh security fencing
•    Razor wire / Anticlimb
•    All styles of weldmesh

Apart from purely protecting your property, we also have security fencing solutions that are able to complement the look of your building with their contemporary designs. We offer modular wall systems, slatted steel screening, aluminium screens, shutters, gates and fences as well as tree guard kits for this purpose.

Additionally we provide a host of access security solutions such as power gates, boom gates, gate entry barriers, external emergency release bars, pneumatic bollards as well as Armco barriers.

Security Fences - Northern Fencing

At NFS, our success is closely linked to your security and safety. This is why you can expect us to work tirelessly to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your high security fencing solutions.

Feel free to browse our gallery to view the quality of our products and workmanship. Our representatives will also be delighted to answer any of your queries about security fencing in Sydney so get in touch with us today at (02) 9972 5800.